Third Honeymoon Day 2

Day 2 was a pretty busy day. We started the day early as hell, no idea why we were up at 5am but we decided there was no point getting out of bed so we watched Pepperann until the kitchen opened and ordered some room service.

Neither of us realized it was Easter so I had to run and make sure brunch was set up at Faith & Flower then we decided to do something neither of us had experienced on the grid. We went to church.

He hopped around trying to find one while I put the final touches on brunch at the restaurant and we ended up meeting at the church in the middle of their… I want to say prayer circle? Anywho, we were both such noobs. We thought the entire service was going to take place in that circle and didn’t notice when everyone went inside so we ran in and sat close to the back. Neither of us could follow the sermon and honestly had no idea what it was about but it was an interesting experience.

We joined the rest of the crowd at the restaurant and had brunch afterward and decided we wanted to add a dog to the family so we adopted Sven and randomly headed to the zoo. Another thing we’d never done but it was a lot of fun. Ezra ended up getting a few business calls so Sven and I did some exploration on our own, petting baby goats and pandas! We grabbed a bite (seriously, all we do is fuck and eat honestly) and made our way back to the hotel to watch the sun set.

Also still not pregnant 😦 And remember, on the SL hud for this 2 hours is a full cycle day and I leave my avatar logged in all the time so a full cycle passed again. We’ll keep trying!

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