Third Honeymoon Night 1


Ezra and I decided to take the plunge a few months ago and got married. We’ve always been in each other’s lives and he made a return to SL, created a new avatar and we just made the decision to spend the rest of our Second Lives together. It was a big leap. We’d spent so much time apart but I’ve never met anyone who shared my sentiment on commitment. We’re both busy people but we made a decision that we’re sticking to and it’s been such a fun ride.

One part of our commitment is dedicating 1-3 days with each other each month. I know it sounds crazy that you’d only see your partner 3 days out of the month, but we seriously just binge on our time together. We try to make them really special weekends so that’s what started the honeymoons. We’re going to honeymoon every month, for as long as we possibly can.

We spent this month’s honey moon eating, dancing, hanging beach side, visiting the zoo, getting massages, getting a new pup, TV time and of course… some sexy time.

Here’s Night One… I checked into the hotel. He had a long flight in so we immediately popped the champagne and grabbed a bite before making our way to the pool. He’s so anti chlorine that I had to just push him in but the poolside time after was worth it.

We’ve also decided we’re ready to add to our family. It may have been the ocean breeze and dimly lit pool but before we knew it hours had gone by and we had all these plans for the future. We’ve actually been trying for a little bit now… subconsciously. It wasn’t until this weekend that we finally said what we were both thinking. We’d been going at it for a while, pretty loosey goosey, and I still hadn’t managed to get pregnant.

We’re trying to not get nervous about it but we definitely spent the weekend deliberately trying to plant a baby in my belly! So fingers crossed.

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