The End of The Honeymoon


Sunday was all about relaxation. We’d been so focused on trying to get pregnant and do as much as we possibly could together that it was just getting overwhelming.

We started the day early with massages and just hung out at the hotel, eating too much and watching bad reality TV.

After dragging our asses for a few hours, we finally got dressed and headed over to Faith & Flower for dinner and dancing.

We finally made it back home and Dorota helped us unpack everything and of course, we kept at it with the baby making. We’ll see. So far another SL cycle has passed and no baby. We’ll probably look to the pros soon.

{HOC} The Pregnancy Test ! WEAR/ADD Me: ღ ☆ ★HCG levels are showing that you are possibly not pregnant and it’s too soon to be certain! Do not give in, keep on trying and one day, very soon, you will hear the lucky news!

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