We’re Pregnant

I’ve never used the mama alpha system much in the past but when you’re actually really trying to get pregnant, this thing takes you through the emotions! Because of how I have my settings and our overall struggle, we actually went through two cycles before we got pregnant so that was about 2 RL weeks of trying. Neither of us are complaining about the trying part but at one point, we just thought we were doing something wrong or that our bodies didn’t want us having a baby.

Meanwhile, I’d been looking for all of the maternity wear but had no reason to wear any yet so it was definitely a struggle. But on a whim, I grabbed another test this morning on my way to the lav and went absolutely apeshit after sitting there with the thing for a while. I’m surprised my clumsy self didn’t drop the test in the sink as I made my way over, shaking and trying to wash my hands.

Ezra finally made it in and I don’t even knew if he knew what was happening before I jumped on him and was making the ugliest combination of cry, laugh, scream sounds but when he finally caught wind of the test in my hand, he was equally as excited.

Welp! We’re off to schedule an actual test with a doc but I’ve already got a million baby names and nursery plans in mind!

I think we better get to nanny shopping too.

((With the hud, I’ll be pregnant for about 45 RL days, I honestly may extend it to a solid 60 days. We’ll see!))

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