A Weekend of Travel

Continuing with tradition, Ezra and I made travel plans this past weekend. He always finishes up with work way later than I do so me and my bundle of joy hopped on a flight to go to him this time! The flight was an hour (literally an hour of flying in world) long and I managed to make it to baggage claim all by myself. I have zero sense of direction so I was pretty excited about it.

As soon as I turned the corner I saw Ezra waiting and jumped him per usual. This poor man’s back is going to break soon, especially with all of this baby weight.

A taxi pulled up when we went outside and he laughed at the fact I thought all of my luggage was going to fit into a taxi. Our ride was just behind.

We had a bit of a drive ahead of us. I booked my flight pretty last minute and insisted on flying commercial so we didn’t end up flying into the airport that was actually close to the SLBNB house we were staying at.

Once we got in, we watched a few movies, acted like we were still trying to make a baby and passed out. The next morning we went to the naval base down the street, grabbed some food and made it to our first doctor appointment for the baby!

Check out all of the details and photos from the appointment at Simply Babies Maternity here.

Our trip to the airport to make it back for our appointment was much shorter but still commercial. Ezra absolutely hates flying commercial so when we stopped for a layover he charted a private flight via chopper to the airport next to our house. It was pretty cool because we got to check out some historic planes as we waited and had the aircraft all to ourselves.

Want to find flights and fly for free in SL? Check out this post.

Once we got home, we got into a little tiff when Ezra started making lunch. I let him know the days of weighing and measuring my food are over, which the doc helped with when she told me my meal plan. We got over it though because I love a man who will cook for me! ^.^

We were pretty ecstatic leaving the doc’s office but still had a basketball game to get to. We were pretty beat by the end of the day and spent the rest of the weekend just enjoying each other’s company at home.

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